Hello fashionistas, I am soooooo (yes with lots of added "o" s) excited to share my style..my love for fashion and my story with you guys as this is my 1st post here.

    So why i want to share my story? As my blog name suggests this is basically a blog of petite fashion. My height is 5 feet n i love my petite frame, well when you know that you are not going to walk in the runways, you have your own dreams and goals to hit, then why should you even bother that you are short or tall, fare or dusky, fat or skinny or whatever the other terms to define our bodies...they are just some numbers or colours...so I feel a little blue when people says "I wish I could be a little taller"...yeah ofcourse its their life and they can wish anything they want, but there is a shadow of little dissatisfaction or uncomfort lies behind those words. But guess what we should love our petite frame why not when we can look pretty and young forever..right?

    Aaah !! I'm doing so much of talking. So here I come to the point.. STRIPES.. Yes we love to wear stripes. If when you think stripes and only vertical ones come to your mind then its time to give your though some rest..why? Because here we dont want to look taller. Its an art to wear what you like without looking shoddy. I love horizontal stripped cute dresses and here I am wearing one striped t shirt dress in two different looks..one was for Summer and one is for approaching Autumn. I hope you guys like it.

    For summer its all kitten look, I loved these cute kitten prints all over my dress and shoes, ohh and ofcourse everybody's new love chockeres.

    In Autumn here in India weather doesn't get much cold, so you can just tie an infinity scarf and take your favorite boots out for a walk or to a coffee date like me.