07 June 2018

    Hey fashionistas, today I am going to talk about your favorite colour.


    Yes it is not normal to have a common favourite colour to all of you. But see, whenever we get confused about what to wear or want to hide our that extra weight from last weeks big fat dinner we think of Black right?

    So when it comes to dressing up , Black is one of my favourite colour too. It is like a classic royal solution that never fails.

    Today me and my blogger friend Priyanka decided to go for an all black look. Here you can check out how chic she is looking in her beautifully styled look. You can also learn from her the different ways of styling your old clothes.

    This post is dedicated to one of my most favourite brand Forever21. I just cannot have enough of this chic brand. Here I am pairing my favorite Forever 21 high rise trousers and self embroideried summer blazer together. I love the fitting of this trousers and the way it hugs my body. You can get this from Myntra.

    As most of you know this black crochet cropped top is one of my fevourite that I designed for La Meraki. The gap between a cropped top and your trousers can give you that illusion of extra height and you look naturally taller.

    Right kind of accessories can take your look to an extra level. However, I did not wanted to over power the look with big statement pieces. So I opted for my cute silver jewelleries like an antique silver choker, hoop earings and a cute kitty brooch. Again as it was a all black look, I borrowed a black little handbag from Mom. :-)

    There is no written rules that how you should style yourself in an all black look, but some little details can make your work easier. I hope you like my way. ;-)


    Outfit Details :

    Trousers : Forever21 from Myntra

    Blazer : Forever21

    Top : Pongkhis from La Meraki

    Bag : Metro