08 September 2017

    Hey fashionistas, how are you doing ? It was a long busy month .Finally my dream boutique is open and i will cherish the memory of the fun and the grand opening forever. Hoping to see you there :-) (it will be awesome to meet you guys in person)

    Today I want to share a very vital thing about fashion. During last few months many of you asked me what should we wear to a hill station. Again, in my place still it is burning hot summer. So it is s understandable that everyone want to steal a day or two from this hot weather to a soothing hill station. But it is a little confusing when it comes to layering.

    For hill station like cherapunjee it is a must do to layer your clothes . In a place like this weather can change from warm to cold in minutes. Hence I decided to go with this look, so that I can stay comfortable and enjoy the trip in both the situations.

    Here I am wearing a denim short with a boy friend t shirt. Usually I do not wear much baggy cloths, but when I tied it, it has transformed to a cute t shirt. So here comes the layering part. I am wearing a cotswool long jacket over my t shirt. It is so chic and comfy at the same point.

    Then with the boots on, I was all ready to kick start the day. It was an awesome journey indeed. We were there to shoot for our travel vlog Veni-Vidi-Amavi and had great fun.

    See ya all with the 2nd part of this story very soon. Much love <3.