09 June 2017

    Hey lovely ladies, How are you doing ? Here I am so busy with chasing my ultimate dream. Since when I exactly do not know, but I always wanted a pretty little boutique of my own. It feels forever now. So it really really feels so amazing to finally see your dream getting the shape.

    So, in between my busy schedule I took a flight to Banglore to meet my soul sister . Being a fashion blogger I want to share every details of my outfit. But unfortunately I did not know any Photographer from Banglore. Then when a blogger friend helped me to find one, the photographer of this story. You see we really help each other when it comes to our passion of blogging (cheers to that) .

    I was there for only three days. So did not wanted to miss a single minute with my friend. We love to roam around and forget about the time. So I decided to wear a day to night outfit. The weather was warm at day and a little cold in the evenings. So I chose to wear my little blue lace dress and keep a stole with me to wrap around when temperature drops in evening. This pretty stole was a gift from someone special and I have been holding it for a perfect opportunity. And see how crochet and lace looked so pretty together!!

    So this is how I enjoyed the day and beautiful Banglore without bothering about the changing weather .

    Much much love