28 December 2017

    Hi ya all !! Sorry for being a little late for this special post. Sometimes it really becomes little harder to connect all the dots when you are traveling and planning things almost everyday. Nevertheless finally I am sitting in my little boutique and writing to you all.

    As I mentioned in my last post I was pretty excited for the Christmas and coming new year. Just before the Christmas I went to Shillong, a pretty little hill station near my place with my blogger friends. It is really fun when you get to collaborate with fellow bloggers. You can check her blog at lovecuryme.blogspot.in

    For this shoot I was using the accessories and bag from "The school of livelihood and rural development" , Shillong. You can find this beautiful place near Belmont school, Motinagar. Trust me I am literally in love with their exquisite collection, you can check them up whenever you visit the place.

    What can be the better place for a Christmas shoot than this glorious blue beauty, "Mary Help of Christians Cathedral" , which was built over 50 years ago. Every time I visit this place it takes my breath away for a while.

    So in that fine wintry Afternoon I decided to wear this dark green woolen skirt with golden button details on it. I love the way how it compliments the whole Christmas vibe. My lace top was a perfect match for it (do you think that same? )

    As it is a little cold out there and I was visiting a church, I grabbed the opportunity to cover my shoulder with this beautiful scarf with hand embroidery from the place I mentioned above.

    And this cute golden hand embroidered clutch, the beautiful floral ring, the vintage looking pendant all I got in this awesome place in Shillong. I just wanted to have them all for myself ( Yes everything ). :-D.

    Now I am just so much excited for the coming New Year. I have some awesome new plans for a new blog too. It is a little secret now. But you are going to know it very soon. Till then work hard and celebrate harder. Have fun fashionistas. XoXo.

    About the look:

    Skirt : Local market of Guwahati Top: Mall from Banglore ( gift from a little sister) Shoes : Mall from Banglore Accessories : School of livelihood and rural development , Shillong.