26 July 2017

    Hey all, how are you doing? In my part of world it is piping hot. It seems Mr. sun is quite angry and wants to burn down all of us. With this rising temperature it is almost impossible to stay out for long and do a photoshoot. But I desperately wanted to share something with you guys. Hence I decided to took the opportunity at one of my closest friends wedding day.

    Have you ever thought of wearing a saree with cropped top? If you want to know how it came up in my case, then continue reading.

    I always wondered how women manage to wear a cotton saree. (If you are not from India, then draping every saree can be difficult though. ) I always admired tall skinny girls carrying beautiful cotton sarees so gracefully. I almost thought that a cotton saree will make my petite frame look miserable !! I always imagined myself wearing a cotton saree and looking like a big fat mess. huhu!! But in my last business trip when I saw this beauty , I could not resist myself. I bought this saree for my mom, but the actual hidden reason was to try a hand at this trend. Sometimes I can be so cunning right ;-) ?

    This year many of my friends are getting married. And one wedding was at the beginning of July. Usually I would have preferred the gorgeous Assam silk split sarees (as we call mekhela sador here) , but in this piping hot summer days it was a no way thing for me. So I thought it was the right time to try my luck on cotton sarees. But as usual I wanted to wear it with a little twist. So I opted for a cotton cropped top ( which I sew myself) instead of the traditional blouse one.

    You can see in this pictures how these oxidised silver jewellery lightened up the entire look. I was all happy and comfortable all along the ceremony , without having to bother about the hot hot weather.

    So if you were confused about wearing a cotton saree or a cropped top, go ahead without any doubt. Enjoy special moments of your loved ones , without bothering about the Mr. Sun.

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    Much Love <3