29 November 2018

    Hello fashionistas, Winter is here and so does all the colourful festivals. This time of the year, the whole world celebrates life , love and lights which makes our bonds more stronger.

    In India, it's like a marathon of celebrations as well... From Durga puja to Diwali, Christmas to New Year's Eve and not to forget about the Weddings where almost everyone is getting hitched one day or another. And we can't go plain to those celebrations, right?

    If you are tired of getting all dolled up each and every day or you don't want to get busy every time your pallu falls from your shoulder then this post is for you. ;-)

    Though I love to wear Saree or Mekhela Sador it's not possible for me to wear them in each and every occasion. So this festive season, I opted for a fusion look or you can say some semi-traditional looks.

    Here for Diwali, I am wearing a Dhoti pant from the brand "W" with a short kurti. I love to wear dhoti pants because it's a very versatile and comfortable piece. You can pair it with different items to achieve different looks. They are a must have thing if you want to give the bohemian vibe in your look.

    A short kurti is a perfect match to dhoti pants. It instantly give you that chic traditional look that you are looking for. And that too without any hassle. Just go enjoy, dance and whatever makes you happy without being worried about your dropping pallu. :-)

    And the most important thing about this type of look is right jewelleries. A wrong piece of jewellery can ruin all your beautiful effort here. So choose your statement piece wisely and don't go for too loud options.

    Wish you all a very happpy festive season. Don't forget to subscribe and follow in instagram for the next part of this series. <3