05 December 2017

    " Dance is music made visible "

    Hey do not get confused about my quote. I have not changed my zoner from fashion to music or dance. Though it has been playing a huge role in my life. Dance is love. So today I want to share that special look when you want to hit the dance floor with your special one. ;-)

    Like every other girl I have a soft corner for little black dresses. Somehow I always end up wearing a LBD. And this time it was no different. I wanted to dance all night wearing my favourite black dress. I love the way how that cap swang left and right with every move that i made.

    Fishnet stockings are in trend from many seasons but I never tried them before, though I wanted to. So for me it was a perfect time to bring them on and flaunt the look.

    If you are also confused that only tall models can wear them and it will not look good on your petite frame, you are damn wrong. Go girl and you will not regret.

    I completed the look with bold red lipstick matching to my red gladiators.

    And yes these flowers are for my special one. I love white ones. Somehow it makes me happy and calm.

    So pretty petite ladies go on with a look like this and fire up the dancing floor. Make some memories with love of your life. <3