19 June 2017

    Before starting my story today, I want to confess something here. Although I always strongly believe that everyone should wear what they really want to, in spite of any color, height or body frame. But the real thing is I have my own fears too. Sometimes I too get confused before trying something trendy from fashion world. Something that does not go with my personal style. But hey we would never know how beautifully we can rock that look, if we never try. Right?

    And this is how I decided to try this most trending style , the metallic golden skirt.

    I think you have already seen many celebrities and fashion divas flaunting their shiny metallic skirts , announcing strong style statement. I was always maintaining a safe distance from anything with shine and glitter , thinking that I will look ridiculous on it. But deep down my fashion greedy heart knew that I want to flaunt that beautiful piece too. Thank you to this blog and all my lovely readers who appreciated me through all along the journey , from whom I finally gathered the courage to try this awesome trend.

    So this is how I paired my skirt from Sasta Rasta with this beautiful body suit from SR store. I decided to head down to one of my favorite cafe ( Cafe Mocha) to spend some Me time :-). And as always they did not disappointed me with their tasty food and awesome ambience

    I chose my each and every accessory very carefully, with the fear of not looking bad. But finally I overcame the fear of wearing anything metallic , once I slipped into this beautiful golden skirt. I felt so confident !!

    So have you ever tried anything , that does not fits your style? Or will you, after reading my story? Please do share your stories with me in the comment section below. <3 I would love to hear you all.

    Have a colorful week ahead. Much Love.

    My look details

    Skirt : Sasta Rasta (face book), Bodysuit : SR Store, Clutch : Myntra, Shoes : We for fashionistas (face book), Earrings : We for fashionistas.