Wednesday, 5 April'17

    "Pluviophile" is the word for me, a lover of rain. Do you know what I love most about spring? It brings rain. I love to wander in the city, hugging my comfy cardigan and sipping a cup of coffee. Although this side of earth is a little warmer during Spring, still you need some light woolens when it showers.

    I think you are getting my point where I am heading. This photoshoot was a real challenge for us to find a location. I wanted to shoot in a boundary of a mall and they didn't allowe us. Finding a proper location in such a small city like this is a real challenge we bloggers face often . Nevermind, I will elaborate it more in my another story 😉. For now we quite got lucky with it. 😊

    I love this black denim skirt of mine. I believe everyone should have a denim skirt in their wardrobe, trust me you will thank me for this versatile piece. I can wear this on any season of the year. For Spring I opted to go for a fit and flare pink top, a green cardigan and of course black stockings to pair with my little black skirt.

    I have created the look with different shades of green.

    I am wearing this "golpota" (choker) from Assam, a beautiful Indian state I belong. Here girls wear it with traditional attire , but i loved it like this and I hope you will like it too. 😊

    See you very soon with my next post, I am so excited, will be trying something new. Till then share your beautiful Spring looks with me in the comment section below. You can also follow me at instagram, @pongkhi_prettilypetite is my handle. Xoxo