Hey fashionistas, how you doing?? Winter is around the corner and i hope you all are ready to welcome it with your fvrt hoodies and cute socks..hoho..!!

    The fact is i am still longing for my summer outfits and not quite ready to abandon them till next year..and yes here temperature haven't dropped that much yet..(weather is in my favour u see..wink) so i decided to wear this high- low quirky printed skirt and my black leather jacket. Oh and ya a pair of T strap high heels in nude.. This T straps are total heroes for me as i have a really really tiny feet and never get my size ( these are two size bigger then mine) . I knw you can think how the hell one can wear two size bigger heels , no i am not insane, but yeah a little helpless on this.. (sad)

    But hey still I managed pretty well..(what do you think ?) i hope you all are going to like my look!! Enjoy winter and stay stylish as ever.. Xoxo.