18 February 2019

    Hey fashionistas, How was your weekend?? Mine was quite dull as I got stuck in home because of high fever. Any ways I am glad about the fact that, at list I got some time for reading.

    Today I am going to answer one of the most common questions for you guys. And that is how do I style a cropped top in winter for a more classy and formal look. Well, cropped tops shows our mid riff and most of us can't relate it with the words formal and winter. But as I always say, when you want to wear something it's all about how you style it and carry the look with confidence. Walk like you own it and there you are catching everybody's eyes. ;-)

    Here I am pairing the same woollen cropped top from my last story with the stripped straight pants and blazers. You can see here (link) how it transformed from a flirty winter look to a classy formal one with just a different styling. All you need to know is a little tids and bits of styling.

    Shoes are the important part that can transform your look from one to another. Wearing a nice pair of heels helps you to make the look formal. Unfortunately I am wearing a bigger size of shoes , as I told you guys before that being a petite women I don't get much choices in my size. But hey that. never stopped me from wearing pretty shoes, whether it be flats or heels you see. :-)

    So, don't be afraid to wear your favourite cropped top in winters for more formal occasions .

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