28 February 2018

    Hey u all, how are you doing?? As promised here I am with my second part of how to style a leather pant. I know it is a little late to post about winters, already Spring is knocking on the door. But you never know right. ;-)

    you can check the first part of this post here

    So I had a little trip to a lake nearby my place and it was a beautiful Beautiful place, which I cannot describe in words. It was early morning and the boatman was ready with his boat. Icing on the cake right?

    Here I am wearing the same leather pants with a short velvet skirt and a woolen top. Personally I just loved this combo.

    As it was cold outside I opted for my favourite winter jacket with that awesome furry hoodie. I can trust this beauty in any amount of cold out there. I think everyone should have a staple winter jacket like this in their wardrobe

    I did a little DIY to this cute pink and black woolen gloves to add an extra style quote to my look. ;-)

    And yes again these pair of boots saved my legs from getting cracks by the wind outside. I was walking all day in these boots. <3

    This was my last post about winter. I will come back real soon with Spring stories. Xoxo.