Hey fashionistas, As it seems our fvrt hero santa clause is on his way. Christmas is upon us and you must be thinking about your outfit for the day.

    So in this story I am going to share my look with you. Who knows you could get some ideas from it (wink). They say it's allways good to share and certainly i can impress Mr. Santa for my gifts.( woot woot).

    Without farther ado lets come to the outfit now. This year I am going to wear red. Oh wait i think every year there is a little bit red on my Christmas look. (what's this fuss i don't know :-D) So I am wearing a high waist black trouser pant and one striped cropped top, yes again a horizontal one with that red long jacket.

    I am wearing a red gladiator which is matching my jacket of course.

    And hey yes a golden shimmer clutch to compliment the Xmas vibe.

    Thank you for showing so much patience to read my story. I hope you guys liked it. :-) . Rejoice the spirit of Christmas with your dear one's. Merry Christmas. (love)

    Location: Guwahati Baptist Church