18 September 2017

    Travelling It leaves you speechless then turns you into storyteller...

    All of you already know that how much I am fond of travelling. I do have a wandering soul and that is what makes me happy and a storyteller.

    As I promised in my last story (A Plaid Story - Layerin Part One), today I will write about the layering part two. So I was at this beautiful hill station called Cherrapunjee, the second wettest place of the world. No matter what time of the year we visit, we need some layering. (more or less it depends on the month)

    I love florals, who does not right? But i never tried an all floral look before. I thought I will look like a flower vase or something like that. (lol) . But after giving a lot of thought finally decided to go with my wish and tried this layering thing with all the floral pieces I have, including the umbrella. (wettest place, you remember?)

    This summer dress is from my own brand. I just fall in love with the print and made a dress promptly (i do this a lot, cannot help a shopaholic soul). Then decided to layer it up with this beautiful blazer from Sasta Raasta. It is a staple piece for me now.

    I used this leather belts to give the waist a little more shape.

    This umbrella is from my childhood and I found them at the perfect time you see! Sometimes life gives us surprises in a very pleasant way. :-)

    So it was my full look for a pleasant vacation at a hill top. Enjoy as much as you can, time never repeats itself again.

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