05 July 2017

    There was a time , I afraid to try trousers on my petite frame. Does not matter how confident I grow up, I always believed that this thing will make me look shorter than ever. You see , how conscious I was about my petite height ! Yes I willingly used was, instead of is, because as most of you know I am not afraid of looking short or petite any more. Whoopee !!

    Being a fashion blogger, it inspires me to try new things, new trends and styles I never tried before. So finally I decided to wear trousers and what can be better than a striped one?

    Most of us are huge fans of the monochrome look. So do I. That is why I thought to create my 1st ever trouser look a monochrome one.

    In this story I am wearing a wide leg striped trouser with an of the shoulder top. I completed the look with these cute bow earrings, which also has strips on it. Pretty right?

    The bag, I borrowed from my mom. She has more than me. hu hu !! And as I told before on one of my story that with my tiny feet , I always struggle to find right pair of shoe . I am just glad that I have these beautiful T strap heels to save my look.

    So this was my story of trying something new. What is yours? Please feel free to comment below and let us know about your style victory. And do not forget to subscribe to our blog , so that you get updates every time we post something new. It really really helps us a lot. :-)

    Trousers : westside Top : stalk buy love Bag : Local shopping mall Earrings : we for fashionistas Shoes : Local store Shades : Fastrack

    Our next story will be about something very traditional yet stylish look. Stay tuned ;-)

    Much much love. Summer is here. Drink some more water and be safe. <3