05 October 2017

    Sometimes I feel like dancing around and do that little victory dance while posing for a shoot. Do you know why?? The reason may look very silly to your eyes, bt the pain of finding a proper background is a big thing for us bloggers. So in this story I am blessed with the location. You know why? Because the place is my own boutique and I am wearing my design too. Double treat, I know :-).

    Here I am styling a printed cotton dress with a cap. A cap?? Yes I have never ever tried a cap before, always wanted to though. But I thought it will not look good on my face. I was still confused, but the sun was shining so hard on my face that I thought of borrowing this cap from my photographer. Styling is fun you see.

    This quirky print caught my eyes in the very moment I saw them in a corner of that fabric store. So I decided to make it a dress and it came up well. ( I am not praising myself , huhu)

    I tried to match this Bag with my nail colors. I like monochrome looks, but a little bit of color is no harm to the look right? It helped me to brighten up the whole look a little bit.

    The festival of lights is approaching very soon in India. We call it dewali. I wish everyone a very happy dewali. May all lights and good spirits take over the bad ones.

    Autumn is in the air. Next post will be about something trending in this mysterious season. Stay tuned, Much love <3