24 October 2018

    Hey fashionistas, How are you coping up with the changing weather? I hope all of you are drinking lots and lots of water to staying hydrated.

    Recently I figured it out that I have never posted about a proper street style. I love the chik and edginess of the streets . So decided to write a story about this most popular style.

    Lately I am wearing this cute riped comfy jeans every now and then. While on a trip I saw these pants with cute patches and instantly fall for it.

    This time I decided to wear it with my fishnet stockings and made my regular t shirt a cropped one with that extra little knot , to give the complete styling a real chik and street look.

    You know this bomber jacket from my previous posts. I just can't get enough of it. So if you are going out in the evening , a cool bomber jacket can give you that extra needed edginess to the look.

    I changed my regular white shoe laces with this bright yellow one to go with the outfit. Isn't it cool? Try changing yours too. It will definitely give your same sneekers a whole new look. ;-)

    And yes I enjoyed a lot on this shoot while walking through the streets. Specially when wearing street style it is really so much fun to twinning with your Bae. <3