12 April 2018

    Hello fashionistas, how are you all doing? Summer is here and with the increased hotness in the air you must be thinking what to wear or what not to. ;-)

    If you are following my instagram account @pongkhi_prettilypetite then you must have seen that lately I am promoting healthy food habits. This is because finally I realized that a healthy lifestyle helps us to work harder towards our goal. Somehow it keeps me happy too. As they say it is better to be late than never, right? :-) So me and my blogger friend Priyanka (@lovecurveyme) decided to do the shoot in a local fruit market as we have tons of healthy and colourful options there.

    As a petite girls we often hesitate to wear big prints. Somehow we feel that it will squeeze our height even more. But what we do not notice is that , we can mix and match those prints with other things and it looks way more cool than we imagined. So when the renown Indian brand Ek Taara approached me to do a shoot with their beautiful collection I decided to do a look with this pretty floral outfit.

    This outfit is actually a kurta, But with the button up design it becomes so versatile that we can wear it as a dress or as a shrug too. I decided to wear it as a long shrug over my black valvet skirt and colourful embroideried cropped top from La Meraki. The fabric felt so good for Summer that I have not felt like wearing an extra layer on top. If you want to see Priyankas way to style the kurta, you can check here lovecurveyme.blogspot.in . I am sure you all are going to love her look too. :-)

    I know wearing valvet in Summer is like a complete no no for most of us. But again, wearing the right style can make you look way more stylish without melting like an ice cream. I am a huge fan of this Forever21 skirt. ^_^

    I love it when I get to wear my own designs. This embroideried cropped top is one of my favourite from the summer collection. Pair it with a plain skirt or a jeans and instantly the whole look becomes so lively and bright. I think I am going to make one for me too. <3

    These embroideried shoes and the look was like heven made. I just love the floral work it has all around the heels. I have a feeling that I am going to wear this a lot. huhu!

    Here am wearing our traditional Assamese jewellery Golpota as a choker. Cool right?

    So it was all about the look here. But my story will be incomplete if I do not mention how much support we got from the vendors of that local fruit market during our entire shoot. Bloggers often complain about the people commenting shits while shooting at streets, yes there are many of those people. But there are also some of them who will help you out and encourage your work without any selfish motives. We were blessed to have many of them that day. Much love to them.

    Be healthy stay stylish and yes do not forget to follow my social media accounts for more updates. Xoxo

    Outfit details: Shrug: Ek Taara/ Skirt : Forever21/ Top: La Meraki/ Shoes : Local market from Guwahati/ Bag: Local market from Bangkok