23 March 2018

    Finally Spring is here with all her glory. You can see nature, celebrating life in vibrant shades all over the globe.

    As I mentioned before, Spring is my favourite season. Because it reminds me the beauty of life, it reminds me to bloom after a dark winter night.

    So this was a collaboration with " The school of Livelihood and Rural Development" , Shillong. You can find this beautiful place near Belmont school, Motinagar, whenever you visit the place. I fell in love with their accessories and jewelries and those cute floral hand embroidered detailing they have.

    Sometimes my happiness gets doubled when I get to wear my own designs for the blog. I am really grateful to my boutique partners who always have faith on me and let me do whatever I want to experiment with. I really loved the way how the final look came up.

    Here I am wearing a pink net gown with embroidery detailing. As a petite girl, I was always afraid of wearing gowns. I used to think that it will overpower my little petite frame and make me look even smaller. But eventually I figured it out that no matter how much your height is, with the right length and cut, you can feel like a princess in those beautiful gowns. And I was surprised to see how it looked so synced with the clutch I am holding. It was like Spring was doing the own magic in her own way.

    See, even the ring had little embroidery flowers on it. Aaah!! I can stare at this beauty forever!

    I felt like dancing and round and go round while wearing this fairy tale gown ..never to get old.

    I love you Spring. <3

    Look details

    Bag and Ring : The School of Livelihood and Rural Development Dress : La Meraki

    Stay tuned for more posts for the Spring look. Believe me It was just a starter only... ;-)