Sunday, 30 April'17

    Hey fashionistas , I know it's been a while now I haven't posted anything new. Sorry for being so irregular with my stories. But hey you know, what kept me busy was a huge experience for me. It was my 1st ever fashion show as a designer. Pretty amazing, isn't it? I was busy like anything with designing, daily trips to my tailor, with grooming sessions and what not !! It's a long story to tell, but I am preserving it for another day. Any ways everything went so well and now I am back with my new post to share with you guys 😊

    This outfit post contains everything I love. From my favourite dress to the food I love.
    I am really so excited to share all these here.

    Now first about the inspiration of this outfit.
    This place is only few steps away from my home and you can see me hanging out here a lot. I keep bringing people here to share my fvrt place. This cafe satisfies my inner foodie after all. As most of the crowd is very young here it inspired me to try something very chic and stylish. So what better than a dungaree can do to match the young vibe of this cafe bristo. Also I have been a BIG fan of dungarees.

    Again this brown leather bag pack and black shoes are my favourites. The bag is so chic and these shoes are so comfy and stylish that now I wear them almost everyday everywhere. Kinda obsessed you can say 😉.

    To find a perfect dungareee for myself was a pretty hard thing. But after going through some trial and rejection session I have found this perfect pairs for me. 😍

    I hope you enjoyed my story. My next post will be about one of my recent trip. Till then do comment on this and share your love and views. Xoxo