Friday, 14 April'17

    The dangling big earrings, jingling sound of anklets, colourful bangles and bright coloureful traditional attires. I think you all must have guessed allready, what look I am talking about. Yes it's beautiful Indian traditional look. There is a saying in India that Indian women looks best on their traditional dress and I don't have a little doubt on that. Don't you think so? 😊

    Okay let's get to the look now. It's not been so long that I have started blogging, It's only 6 months precisely. As a fashion lover I allways followed many bloggers and certainly I have my favourites. I allways though how it would be like to working with a fellow blogger, specially when they are more experienced than you. And voila I got a chance to work with some of them. When I approached with the idea their response was so so positive and kind. I immediately knew that they are going to be my BFF (Bloger friend forever). πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

    We decided to play with our traditional dress. I know it's not a good idea to poke a traditional thing, but hey it's fashion and we are just trying something different. Right? So each of us has added our own style to it and inspite of the bad weather and all thing we finished the shoot finally.

    So here I am experimenting with two different types from two lovely states of India. Here I am creating the trending double pallu look with a blue saree with stone and embroidery work which I bough from Delhi and the other one is this beautiful hand wooven chadar in Manipuri design. See how fashion can bring all us togetherπŸ’“.

    If you noticed my saree pleats or my hair, they are not neat and tidy at all. Infact they are a little messy. But you don't have to be miss perfect all the time and I like it this way for now πŸ˜‰.

    And yes this bag is from my very own state Assam. It's totally hand crafted. I am loving it more and more.

    I have tried a complete traditional look (with a little twist of course) for the 1st time in blog. I hope you all are going to like it and try this look by yourself.

    Don't forget to look through the other bloggers styling tips on this. Here are their links :StyleOverCoffee and lovecurvyme

    Oh and we are having our big local festival and the new year here. Wish you all a very happy Bihu and New year. XoXo.